Legal Services

Advocates at AHLO are good in whatever area of practice you choose to work. However, AHLO understands that the clients expect results so AHLO specializes in areas of practice in which it can deliver the expected results.

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  • Submitting liability claims

Bankruptcy and/ or Suspension of payment


  • • Filing bankruptcy and or suspension of payment (PKPU)
  • • Debt restructuring



  • Alternative dispute resolution (out of court settlement) is our priority to settle the dispute (case) as our motto “effective & efficient”

Labour or Employment (Industrial Relations);


  • • Contract drafting
  • • Industrial Relations disputes settlement

Intellectual Property Rights;


  • Trademark, Copyright, Patent registration

Corporation, Commercial & Financial


  • • Business new starter pack (company establishment) and permits
  • • Merger and Acquisitions
  • • Legal Due Dilligent (LDD)
  • • Legal Opinion
  • • Competition Law
  • • Taxes
  • • Legal Drafting



  • • Assisting foreign investor
  • • Submitting licenses and permits application to Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board
  • • Merger and Acquisitions

Counsel for the election.


  • Assisting the candidate in any relation with the election

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