Intellectual Property

In intellectual property practice area, AHLO uses its creativity and resourcefulness, and its deep knowledge of the laws on intellectual property, the Criminal Code and the (civil and criminal) procedural laws, to assist its clients in dealing with pirates and counterfeiters with respect to their valuable intellectual property and products. AHLO limits its practice in this area to anti-piracy/anti-counterfeiting actions.

AHLO does not do clerical administration work such as registering intellectual property. AHLO can however assist its clients in supervising the registration of their intellectual property in order to make sure that the description of the intellectual property and the coverage of such registration are correct, as intended and understood by the clients. This is vital when dealing with Indonesia. AHLO can also assist its clients in the commercialization of their intellectual property, making sure that whatever contract(s) used by its clients in the commercialization of their intellectual property in Indonesia work(s) and is enforceable.

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